Summer at Les Pléiades: A plethora of activities

From mountain biking to Nordic walking, paragliding and hiking, Les Pléiades has something for everyone

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Below are just some of the many activities on offer at Les Pléiades during the summer.


Mountain biking

Sustainable modes of transport are a key priority at Les Pléiades. From downhill marathon to downhill, cross-country, freeride or simply riding for pleasure, mountain biking addicts are spoilt for choice. An easy, well-marked circuit is available for those who are looking for a gentle introduction to the joys of mountain biking.


Nordic walking

Nordic walking is an outdoor sport that is becoming increasingly popular. It is an excellent way to combat stress, improve your cardiovascular fitness and tone your muscles, not to mention being great training for cross-country skiing. Equipment is available for hire from Blonay railway station.



Les Pléiades is a top destination for paragliding enthusiasts. From leaving the launch site to arriving in Blonay, it is difficult to say what is more breathtaking – the sense of complete freedom experienced while flying or the unique view from the air. If you've never tried it before, there's no need to worry – an experienced pilot will accompany you in a tandem paraglider for a completely safe flight.



The 'Ermite' (Hermit), 'Des Biches' (Hind) and '700e' (700th) trails are just some of the seven poetically named walks that you can do at Les Pléiades. From short strolls to walk off a meal to more challenging routes, there is something to suit everyone – whatever your aims.